Buddha Power Bowl

A beautiful bowl of quinoa, brown rice, and fresh fruits and veggies. Delicately drizzled with Julianne’s Dijon Hemp dressing – no oil – no salt.


Nutritional Benefits:

1. High in fiber – helps keep gut healthy and may prevent certain cancers.

2. Boosts immune system and nerve function.

3. Supports and improves bone, eye, skin, and brain health.

4. Helps fight cancer, inflammation, and heart disease.

5. Helps balance blood sugar – fights diabetes.

6. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, some Omega3, and much more!



Jackfruit Sliders

(WITHOUT SLAW – OIL FREE – SOY FREE) Two different flavors to choose from–mildly spicy carnitas OR Julianne’s BBQ Sauce! Served on gluten-free, vegan TO LIVE FOR slider rolls from local bakery, The Bee’s Kneads!


Nutritional Benefits:

1. High in fiber – promotes healthy digestion and keeps you full longer, great for weight loss!

2. Vitamin C food = antioxidants and cancer-fighting phytonutrients which reduce inflammation, and enhances immunity and helps kick free radicals to the curb.

3. Boosts magnesium levels – reduces risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, and aides in bone strength.

4. Contains a healthy dose of B6, which may help reduce heart disease.

5. Probiotic – protects against leaky gut!

6. Contains 6% of your daily dosage of calcium, aiding in preventing osteoporosis and much more!



The Beyond Burger

This is the ONLY item on our menu that is NOT ORGANIC, and is NOT HANDCRAFTED by Garden O’Veaten! For those new to plant-based eating, this is a GREAT starting point! Give it a try! One bite, and you will be saying that it’s IMPOSSIBLE that it’s NOT MEAT! “Naked” Lettuce Wrapped Burger is $10.50!

Nutritional Benefits:

1. 20 grams of plant protein – the same amount in a beef burger!

2. 0 Cholesterol!

3. NO hormones and antibiotics



OMG Maxed Out Mac and Casheese- Our mac, mixed with Beyond Burger Crumbles, Cauliflower, and Broccoli Florets


Mindful Mac & Cheese

SOY FREE – OIL FREE A perfect blend of nutritious and delicious cashews, veggies, and secret ingredients to create the most guilt-free comfort food ever! Gluten-Free and Non-GMO noodles garnished with a powerful sprig of purslane. This dish is a favorite!

Nutritional Benefits:

1. 21% protein and 46% healthy unsaturated fats…good for your brain!

2. High in fiber to promote a healthy digestive sustem and keep you full longer to help with weight loss!

3. Antioxidants help fight cancer and migraines – phytosterols and phenolic compounds enhance immunity, keep blood pressure level, and help kick free radicals to the curb!

4. Reduces inflammation for healthy heart and joints!

5. Boosts magnesium and potassium levels – reduces risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, and helps promote bone strength!

6. Vitamin K prevents osteoporosis and slows skin aging!