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Nine Weeks of Classes Begin July 10th

The MAIN things that separate this course from all others out there:
  • You are cooking WITH me online in your OWN KITCHEN! NOT watching but cooking their meals for the ENTIRE week!
  • You are NOT just cooking 1 recipe…you are cooking your meals for the Entire Week …so ONE and DONE…. one DAY cooking and DONE! Then plate and heat and eat…all week long! NO COOKING !!!!
  • How NOT to fall off the plant wagon!
  • Community of LIKE-MINDED people – A support group online and FB – exchanging new recipes and fun food finds. Studies show time and time again that ONE of the things that help us ACTUALLY DO the things we say we want to accomplish is when we have accountability partners…a running buddy… you are walking through this new process with us.
  • Live question and answer periods with me! They will be recorded…I find that other people’s questions are questions I have as well!!!
When you cook with me for 9 sessions… you WILL NOT fall off the plant wagon and there is the accountability of being on with me and the others as a Team!
There will be rewards and prizes for being on each segment/session. We will do a drawing at the end of the 12 weeks and prizes will be given.
Class are Every Saturday!!
  • Weight loss- loose Covid -15lbs OR the weight you have ALWAYS wanted to lose and KEEP IT OFF!!!
  • Optimize your IMMUNE SYSTEM to fight off Corona and it’s new strain
  • FINALLY Take CONTROL of YOUR Health…..
  • Gain PERSONAL POWER over cravings and bad habits
  • Had a health scare and wake up call?
  • Do you want to eat clean and healthy but too much info is confusing you? This is FOR YOU!
  • Learn to navigate through ALL the jungle of ‘fad’ diets that are out there. I want to be your guide….. so YOU can be your OWN Health GURU or HERO!
  • Want to be healthier… JUST for the Health of it?
  • DELICIOUS book of over 70 recipes YOU will have cooked and eaten…. and we keep on adding!
  • SAVE MONEY and TIME 1 session a week… FOOD for the entire week! NO shopping or cooking all week long!
  • 9 – 3 1/2 hour LIVE cooking sessions- 1 per week Saturday – Zoom from my kitchen into yours… we cook TOGETHER! and you get to eat your homework ALL WEEK LONG!
YOUR HEALTH is a decision that is at the end of YOUR fork!