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Julianne’s Story

Play the video to hear our owner and founder, Julianne Nagle, speak about her PASSION for Plant-Based, the POWER of food, and her inspiration for founding Garden O’Veaten and the Come Find Your Inner Piece movement!

Our Movement

Garden O’Veaten mobile meals is the root of a movement to inspire whole-food, plant based eating for sustainable living. We are passionate about delivering, organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, fresh and delicious handcrafted meals using many local sources.

This is a reach and teach vehicle delivering the Taste of Change to you!

Our Mission

We believe that WHAT we eat and HOW we eat it, IS a VITAL PIECE in the PUZZLE of total health and wellness for our bodies and our planet. We are actively invoking change through love, gratitude, and compassion for all beings, with a dedication to education. 


We offer cooking classes, Health and Wellness seminars and workshops, as well as nutritional coaching – focusing on ways to enhance health
through food choice and preparation.

Come Find the Inner Piece with Garden O’Veaten!

food truck set up

Our Earth Commitment

We diligently and intentionally seek to leave a smaller footprint on the planet by selecting eco-friendly serving products that are sustainable. We chose sugarcane containers that are made from 100% renewable and reclaimed sugarcane fiber. They are grease and cut resistant, microwave and freezer safe, 90-day compostable, and easy on our beautiful Earth.

The difference, we learned in our research, is that recyclable products deteriorate in an undermined amount of time, whereas compostable products, within 90 days, will have decomposed beyond recognition. We are doing our part to complete the puzzle of total health and wellness for our planet.

Together we are making a difference.